About BCA

Doing thoughtful and leading edge research can be more time-consuming than coming up with market ideas, but it has more lasting benefits. A reputation of making good calls can easily be lost, but a reputation of doing good research tends to persist. Both are necessary. Doing in-depth research is of no value if we can never get the markets right. But as noted above, we are unlikely to get the markets right unless we do in-depth research. Historically, BCA has established its reputation by doing provocative and thought provoking research.

Also in this section:

BCA has the resources to carry out research that may not have immediate market implications, but is still important in terms of educating clients about key issues.

Our objectives:


To help our clients with their investment decisions by making accurate market calls.


Educational and an interesting read through thoughtful and leading edge research.

About BCA

If you work for a Hedge Fund, BCA Research solutions can help you:


Identify unique trade opportunities


Monitor the performance of trade recommendations


Apply our data and analysis to create charts that drive decisions


Track predictive analytics and indicators to identify market changes


Access the most relevant research quickly


Understand macro risks on portfolio


Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Key Research Drivers


Fundamental Analysis:

Exploring the fundamental drivers of relationships between monetary/fiscal policy, the economy, earnings, and ultimately capital market valuation.


Technical Analysis:

Analyzing sentiment, momentum, and positioning to flag potential inflection points.


Models & Indicators:

Aggregating and regressing various macro variables to identify useful indicators for the purpose of generating investment insight.



A combination of gut feel and common sense.