The BCA approach is a unique one. We don't simply do market forecast - we provide specific market recommendations. BCA "connects the dots" using ground level evidence from around the world to establish global themes that we then apply to specific local markets, regions and asset classes. This thematic analysis forms the core of our investment recommendations.

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Research vs. Market Calls

BCA produces leading edge research in order to arrive at its market calls. There is no trade off here, because we understand that both disciplines are part of the same process. Our track-record of applying high quality research to make successful market calls is founded on our ability to view markets through the eyes of investors rather than just as researchers.

How the Research Process Works "on the Ground Level"?

Each week we undertake a research process that is as creative as it is forensic. Based on analysis of hundreds of relevant charts, we identify key points of interest. From these we identify up to 15 compelling trends that we then bring together into a single coherent analysis. Based on this, we provide an informed opinion on how to make money.

We will also flag facts, charts and eye-catching trends that we believe will be critical to our clients making profitable investment decisions. BCA will only ever publish analysis that we would put our own money on.

Our research methodology is based on a thorough understanding of the macro-economic environment and key investment themes. This then forms the foundation for BCA's investment strategy recommendations, market analysis and forecasts.


BCA does not manage money and is not engaged in any security trading or underwriting. This ensures there are no conflicts of interest. In the Middle East and North Africa region, our clients are based in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman Bahrain, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Turkey. We have a dedicated account management team for our Middle Eastern clients tasked with providing quick responses and organising meetings with our strategists who often travel to the region.