BCA's research is grounded in a thorough understanding of the macroeconomic (big picture) environment and key investment themes. This in-depth, long-term research forms the foundation of our investment strategy recommendations, market analysis and forecasts. Doing thoughtful and leading edge research can be more time-consuming than coming up with market ideas, but it has more lasting benefits. A reputation of making good calls can easily be lost, but a reputation of doing good research tends to persist.

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Global Investment Strategy

Global Investment Strategy

Gain strategic insight about major intermediate and cyclical trends in the equity, interest rate and currency markets of major global economies.

BCA's Global Investment Strategy service provides leading asset allocation advice and responsive forecasts. Our key economic and investment themes enable clients to better understand the underlying forces shaping the global economic and financial market outlook. This unique approach delivers authoritative actionable recommendations that drive clients to capitalise on opportunities and preserve capital.

  Quaterly Strategic Outlooks

The quarterly reports highlights developing investment themes, identifies opportunities and risk, presents a recommended strategy and reviews performance.

  Weekly Reports

These update our strategy and recommended portfolio mix. They also inform clients of any important changes signalled from our proprietary indicators.

  Asset Allocation and Market Indicators

A monthly asset allocation report with a complete review of our proprietary market indicators.

  Online Research Chartbooks

An extensive selection of charts and indicators for global equities and bonds.

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European Investment strategy

European Investment Strategy

BCA investment strategies and forecasts cover all asset classes across the Euro area including the UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia. We evaluate the risks and opportunities presented by geopolitical developments and analyse their impact on longer term investment trends.

We provide leading analysis of global trends and of key economic/policy developments so clients better understand the underlying forces shaping the European investment outlook. BCA presents investment and asset allocation strategies founded on our extensive proprietary macro models and indicators. These deliver specific investment recommendations for all asset classes by sector and national themes so clients can minimize risk and maximise return.

  Weekly Reports

Essential analysis of the week's key economic/policy events that are shaping the European investment outlook. BCA's investment and asset allocation strategies factor in the most recent market developments and are supported by our extensive macro models and indicators. The weekly reports help clients mitigate emerging risk and capitalize on opportunities outlined in our investment recommendations. These cover all asset classes in specific sectors by individual national market.

  Special Reports

A focus on compelling new investment opportunities that we think you should be considering. Responding to economic and political developments, we apply our modeled analysis of key global trends and themes to present clients with highly original investment ideas.

  Special Alerts

Brief, actionable updates on relevant market developments to keep clients a step ahead.

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Global fixed income

Global Fixed Income Strategy

Clear asset allocation, duration advice and specific trading ideas for developed countries across all bond sectors. BCA provides clients with a consistent fixed income allocation framework.

Our global bond portfolio strategy is informed by extensive experience in macro analysis. Using modelling and indicators, we evaluate key macroeconomic trends, global themes and event risks to help clients to better understand the underlying forces impacting fixed income markets. We deliver specific bond trading recommendations (including duration, yield curve, sector and country strategies) that both mitigate risk and capitalize on relative value opportunities.

  Weekly Reports

Briefings discussing the key issues impacting the global bond market as well as targeted investment strategies, recommended portfolio allocations, and analysis of the readings from our indicators.

  Special Reports

Special focus bulletins featuring original investment ideas and analysis of timely opportunities and risks.

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Equity trading strategy

Equity Trading Strategy

Benefit from BCA's unique top-down approach to bottom-up stock picking. Our Equity Trading Strategy uses a range of quantitative metrics to rank individual stocks in an intuitive web application.

Our highly sophisticated algorithm combines more than 30 return factors to generate a single metric that separates future winners from losers. Clients can then choose to overlay BCA's leading macro analysis. They can also access original investment ideas and innovative research in equity trading strategies.

  Special Reports

BCA special reports focus on our latest exclusive research findings, changes to our model, and digital improvements.

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Geopolitical strategy

Geopolitical Strategy (GPS)

Evaluates risks and opportunities presented by geopolitical developments and impacts on longer term investment trends. With 60 years of leading research experience, no other provider of geopolitical analysis has a stronger grounding in macroeconomics or conducting investment-relevant research.

The GPS analytical framework regards geopolitics as either a risk or an opportunity. It recognises the need to preserve capital and/or seek profits as risks are mispriced. Geopolitical risk analysis is relative to the investment positions of our clients (rather than to national interests or normative concerns). Our GPS coverage is global in its approach to investment opportunities.

  Monthly Reports

Each month receive a Global Overview of geopolitical risks and opportunities in the major asset classes. Alongside an in-depth examination of a particular geopolitical theme, our Geopolitical Calendar flags events that could become market catalysts. GPS clients will also receive Special Alerts that delve deeper into key underlying themes.

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Daily insights

Daily Insights

Stay ahead of the competition by receiving BCA Research daily bulletins.

These include five key trends likely to impact the market outlook, a look 'Inside BCA', and interactive features with our strategists.


Morning Meeting: Live the day's outlook through the minds of our strategists

Key Releases: Access detailed analysis of the day's economic data

Featured Insights: Focused analysis of global financial market trends

The Week Ahead: Discover what BCA expects over the next seven days

  Special Reports

Focussing exclusively on original investment ideas, BCA Special Reports drill down into specific drivers affecting the market outlook. They include both in-depth and short analysis of timely opportunities or risks.

  Ask a Strategist

Interact with BCA strategists online. Access all Q&A to uncover what is relevant to the BCA commnunity.

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Other Strategies

BCA Analytics

Better connects strategy research with investment decision-making. Using powerful interactive charts, BCA Analytics enables clients to spot trends, uncover correlations and identify investment opportunities.

BCA Top Trades

Reveals the high conviction trades of BCA's various strategy services and summarizes the rationale for each position in a simple and concise manner.

China Investment Strategy

Strategic investment ideas for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan along with a big picture overview of the economic and financial outlook for the greater-China region.

Commodity & Energy Strategy

An actionable assessment of the expected direction for commodity and energy prices, equities and currencies.

Emerging Markets Strategy

In-depth thematic research to identify investment opportuunities in emerging markets equities, currencies, credit and domestic bond markets across 20 countries.

Foreign Exchange Strategy

Forecasts, trading recommendations and technical indicators that highlight intermediate and primary trends for all major currencies.

Frontier Markets Strategy

Comprehensive coverage of more than 20 frontier markets in Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, Easter Europe and Latin America to help portfolio managers, asset allocators and multi-national firms in their desicion-making.

Global Alpha Sector Strategy

Large themes filtered into executable global equity sector pair trades with a time horizon of 6-9 months.

Global Asset Allocation

Filtered content and premium asset allocation strategy. The service helps identify optimal risk/reward trade-offs for multi-asset portfolio construction. We identify the major intermediate and cyclical trends in the equity, interest rate and currency markets of major global economies.

Technology Strategy

Focused on providing in-depth sub-sector analysis and detailed micro and macro investable themes within the technology sector.

U.S. Bond Strategy

Clear asset allocation, duration advice and specific trading ideas for all major fixed income asset classes including corporate bond sectors.

U.S. Equity Strategy

Comprehensive cyclical sector and industry group allocation advice with trading recommendations.

U.S. Investment Strategy

A snapshot view of the expected direction in the U.S. financial markets, an assessment of risk and a recommended investment strategy.

The Bank Credit Analyst

Forecast and analysis of trends in major investment markets. A particular emphasis on equities, business conditions, inflationary trends, interest rates, gold and the dollar.


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